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Training in the world class facility is of paramount importance to excel and stand out in the game. We are here to provide the essential platform to ensure that their greatness is rooted in the best institution. Our priority is to make every opportunity accessible in this world class cricketing environment, and therefore a high degree of value is placed in the quality. We would like to play a parental role for all the trainees at MCLCA, providing them with the finest of everything to guarantee they have the best upbringing in the game.


2000+ seating capacity

The MCL Cricket Academy facilities include:

  • World class grass pitches for games
  • Avant-garde Grass and Astro Turf for net practices
  • Spin Bowling Machine
  • Swing/Pace Bowling Machine
  • Junior Bowling Machine
  • All modern coaching aids and equipments
  • Sightscreens
  • Canteen and Pantry facilities
  • Shops and other commercial facilities
  • Player facilities (Dressing Room)
  • Medical and first aid facilities
  • Parking
  • Toilet


Extended in the total area of 30,000 square feet. the cricket ground is an all-seater sports ground with lush green grasses tended with special attention meeting all the standard of international cricket. The ample space gives room for an airy pavilion for players along with their coaches. The audience enjoys a wonderful view of the game from grass laid bleachers. They can also enjoy the match on the wide screen placed for the viewing convenience of the audience.

NET PRACTICE (Turf/Astro Pitches)

Net Practices are important for any cricketer. This facility is made available at MCL Cricket Academy to develop batting and bowling skills of cricketers. At MCLCA, we have five pitches consisting of three turf pitches and two Astro turf pitches. The nets are designed with high quality material using thel atest technology for their precise durability. This will assist spinners, swingers along with batsmen being superb players of spin bowling.In addition, Astro-turf pitches give higher playability. These contemporary pitches provide good support for pace, bounce and swing.

Player Facilities

Spacious changing rooms with separate showers for boys and girls are made available at MCLCA facility. Free standing clothing racks and benches are also available. The athletes can use this facility before and after practice to refresh and to keep their belongings.


We have 300+ capacity covered parking space.